Da stuntiez, humiez, and pointy earz iz betta den our tank boyz at da WAAAGH?

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     Dis wuz a gud scrap Razgore thought as he surveyed the smoldering ruins of what had been a Bloody Sun Boyz encampment in Kadrin Valley. After taking dominance of the small warband he had once served with, Razgore had made hard, brutal strikes across Kadrin Valley, working his way through small skirmishes or full on battles, sometimes beating them into submission, and sometimes carving a bloody path through the ranks of the Bloody Sun Boyz orcs until none were left, or they ran away. The constant fighting had caused him to grow even bigger, and he now towered over all of the orcs he came across, which only added to his intimidating ability to win others over to his side. With the orc garrison in Kadrin cut in half he had assaulted the encampment at night with a force two hundred strong. It had been easy, Razgore had used his massive bulk to smash through the heavy wooden door, quickly cutting the two guards behind it in half, and issueing a resounding WAAAAAAAAAGH! that set the camp on alarm. Even with the camp being able to set up a defence, it hadn’t lasted a second. Razgore was somehow…more, his presence inspired fear, his bloodlust entirely consumed him. Somehow, in that battle with the other orc leader, something had snapped, he had changed. He still retained what tactics he knew in battle, but resorted to more primal combat, often times crushing the life out of orcs with his bare hands and sometimes simply ripping their head from their shoulders. So, Razgore stood atop a small mound of corpses and orc mess on top of them, surveying the burning ruin he had created. A timid goblin softly approached Razgore, shaking “Boss…I’z got a message for youse…don ‘et me” he said. Razgore inclined his head towards him to show he was listening. The goblin said his last words at almost a whisper “Grumlok…’e says e’s comin…” and Razgore stepped on him.


     Hello readers, Razgore here again. I apologize profusely for the long absence, again. If you ever get tired of hearing me say sorry let me know, I’m working on making consistant posts, but I also don’t like to hog the space, so I wait a lot for Mirage to get his posts in too. Don’t worry I keep bugging him.

     So I’ve been doing a lot of forum lurking, a little bit of posting, and I’ve been trying to participate in some of the logging that Mythic has been wanting to prove some skills worthy of a buff and such. Before I go on, if anybody knows how to use the game combat log to record data, could you let me know? So far all I’ve been able to use is an addon that runs it but I have no way of exporting it other than to tediously minimize and maximize my WAR window, recording data.

     Anyway, so in my lurking I noticed a large discussion about tanks, their DPS, and their function in the game, and I wanted to offer a small epiphany I had concerning this subject. I was running through RvR, and I was thinking about this dilemma because it bothered me that there was a confusion between the playerbase and the developers as to the function of tanks in PvP. I started thinking about the description of the black orc in the class description and thats when I thought of my idea. The current mechanics for most tanks are fine as far as tanks meant for auras, tanks meant for survivability, etc. On a side note, this leads back to a post I read on the forums saying that tanks should really have no DPS whatsoever, which I agree with because tanks have mega survivability, its what they do, and beyond fairly decent DPS in DPS spec there really shouldn’t be a whole lot. Anyway, so what I thought should happen, is they should pretty well take all the tanks, or at least the Black Orc since that was the tank I was really focusing on (Don’t forget his counter part), and instead of really any sort of huge damage, make a lot of disrupts and such, you could even go as far as to take some from other classes to compensate the amount that the tank will have. So the tank won’t deal a lot of damage, but he will be able to crowd control a lot.

     Now, before I get called a noob, sorry if I seem like one so far, let me explain my reasoning. Really the functionality of a tank is to take damage, and most often a tank can achieve his best level of survivability using his good ol’ sword and board. Unfortunately to have good DPS with that would be pretty overpowered, so I was thinking as to how you can still make tanks useful, while still letting them use sword and board, because currently they have to go DPS spec to do any real good in RvR, and are often ignored when they attack anybody. I figured they could take the DPS away since really tanks shouldn’t have anything to speak of anyway, but make up for it with how well they can disrupt/CC/knockback people, since thats what a tank should be doing anyway, in theory. In smaller words, the melee DPS can help by doing melee DPS, the ranged by doing ranged DPS, the healers by healing, and the tank, where before there was a blurred functionality, they can control a lot of what goes on in the front lines by controlling people, to an extent.

     Anyway, that was all I had to say, sorry if it was inarticulately worded, and if I rambled, I tried to address it as well as I could. Let me know what you think, and sorry again if its been suggested and shot down and I just look like a noob.




Choppin’ An Da Forums

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     A bigger orc looked up at Razgore, “Wot does we do now, boss?” he said quietly. “We get our own boyz, an we do our own waaagh! All dese fights is not gud enuf, an’ I tink I can do betta den dat git Grumlok, an’ even if I can’t I’s gonna ‘ave a gud figh’ doin’ it!”. With that, Razgore dropped his jaw with a booming WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! that echoed off the rugged mountains and cliffs nearby, shortly coupled with the other orcs adding their own warcrys into the mix, whether or not they agreed, or even understood. The fightin’ was good, or they were too small, and that was good enough for them.


     Before I start, I’d just like to quickly apologize if you were disappointed at the lack of a large fan fic, I wasn’t going to post about anything big so I didn’t put in a huge fan fic to supplement it.

     So, first things first, as I’m sure you could guess from the title this post is a brief little recap on the new things that Mythic has put up that I’ve participated in a little bit. The forums and the choppa. First up, the choppa. I didn’t play him very much, I basically made him and walked in, killed a few dwarves, did an all choppa vs all slayer scenario, which ended in us winning because we had 1 zealot, and then shelved him. I did play him a little bit later, but I just mainly wanted to see the rage mechanic and how it worked. I really thought how the choppa physically grew when you go into the last part was really cool, and so was the red aura that you acquired. I’m very excited for these two new classes to come out because its what we need to break up the zergs that have been going on on the Dark Crag server forever, which will just keep things interesting. One thing I did notice though, and I don’t know if its supposed to be this way or not, but I almost felt like a tank. I could pull somewhere around 6 dwarves/squigs at one time and I could take them all out without reaching half HP. Not quite sure if that is normal it felt kind of OP to me, like AOE grinding on a paladin in WoW. Also, that first rage depletion skill that you get seemed somewhat anti-climactic. I was expecting a rather large hit because it was depleting all the rage I built up, and it basically hit the same as the others. This is just what I noticed from my limited experience, again, I just wanted to try out the mechanic, and overall I’m very impressed.

     Secondly, I was excited for this too, the WAR Forums. I don’t know if any of our viewers have ever been to the WoW forums, but, to me at least, whenever a GM actually posted on someones post it was time to go check outside for a blue moon.  Really, they hardly posted. So I was quite happy with what I saw from the WAR Forums. Not only do people have the chance to have access to threads where you post directly to the developers, but they actively reply! Even if it is to tell people to stop talking about the nerf on Da Toughest, at least they’re saying something! I thought this was a very interesting and innovative idea on Mythic’s part, as if they listen to their playerbase better than they already have been(they have the asset to now) the game can only keep getting better.

     So all in all, the forums are cool, check them out, I’ve only really been to the future features and tank categories but what I saw was very interesting, and I’m awaiting the slayer and choppa with high expectations, as I’m sure many people are too.



The Favorites! V2.0

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Hey its Razgore, just came to drop a post in about my personal favorites, so here they are!

  • Favorite Zone – I’d have to say my favorite zone is Kadrin Valley. It wasn’t where I finshed up my leveling, sadly, but the dwarven architecture there, especially the slayer keep, and the big battles that often go on there just add a really nice feel for the place that I enjoy. From the little paths lined with trees leading from place to place that people can ambush you on the sides from, to under ground tunnels in the mountain, its really well put together.

  • Favorite Race – Easily greenskins, you can’t beat the “run in there and hit whatever it is until it dies” mentality that is the core of the greenskin fighting style. Besides that, they have funny logic, and their social structure makes me laugh. 
  • Favorite Career – Can’t say yet, I’ll have to try the choppa and post an update.
  • Favorite WAR Feature – Keep/Fortress sieges so far, it would be fortresses all the way if I didn’t lag sometimes in them, it gets kind of annoying, but its still really cool, especially with the new updates improving loot. I like the strategy that goes into defending/attacking these keeps, more so on the defensive side (Which is why it would be cool if there were alternate ways in (WTB Orcapult!)).
  • Favorite Skill – At the moment…it would have to be “Where you goin’?” I love my snares.  
  • Favorite Scenario – Tor Anroc. Easily. Love pushing/getting pushed into lava. Fun stuff. 
  • Favorite Live Event – I really enjoyed the Night of Murder event out of the two that I’ve done, I found the rewards to be cool and the marked for death mechanic brought a different kind of twist to PvP.
  • Hope you enjoyed!


    The favorites!

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    So, cruising over to Blame the Healer yielded something interesting: A list of favorites in WAR to fill out, and I guess I’ll take the challenge, though my knowledge is limited at Rank 22…

  • Favorite Zone – My favorite zone so far…has to be Mount Bloodhorn. Yes, a starting area, but I had the most fun while playing a Greenskin, and this area is hilariously awesome. From being launched on top of a stunty building, to kicking barrels full of stunties into the water below, this zone is full of that odd, wonky, Greenskin humour.

  • Favorite Race – It’s really a tie between the Greenskins and the Dark Elves. Greenskins are funny, but brutish, and when the want to get into some fighting, they do it splendidly. I like the Dark Elves because of their society, and ways of life. I mean, come on. At all moments they’re using each other, planning each other’s demise, and orchestrating some master plan, only to be struck down because once they accomplish their goal, they realize that they were spurred on by another because their goal would help further that of the person who just stuck a blade through their gut.

  • Favorite Career – DoK/WP are my favorite, just because of how I can play them. I mean, they have alot of survivability. I can run into a group of baddies, and just bash away, while keeping me and two other group members up. Razgore and I, using a DoK/Sorc/Marauder team can take down huge mobs of enemies. 

  • Favorite WAR Feature – Keep Sieges are definitely my favorite. It gives me a form of adrenaline rush that it’s hard for me to find in any other MMO.

  • Favorite Skill – Well, I’m not too far up in my skills, but Rend Soul is my favorite for the DoK.

  • Favorite Scenario – Tor Anroc. A fight in a volcano, where at any moment you could be knocked out into the lava and be gone for good? Yes. 

  • Favorite Live Event – I’ve only participated in one so far, since my sub always runs out around them, but I’ve enjoyed my experience with the Night of Murder. A holiday about killing is freaking awesome.
  • A Call to Arms and Fluffy Pillows.

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    As his halberd once again removed several High Elf heads from their shoulders, the horn call went out again, and the remainder of the Elven army began to retreat. Looking up the hill that he stood upon only a few moments earlier, he watched the wind blow his helmet down the hill, and it rolled to a stop at his feet. He gave a fiendish smile, turning to his allies. “We do not stop.” Was all Shayorin said, charging off after the Elven army. Talavar and the Disciple of Khaine looked at each other, and ran after him. The hilltop was still red with blood, and it stood as a beacon…a point of return…a place where an adventure started, and where it will end. The group chased their enemies for hours, until they finally reached the borders of Chrace. Here, the army dispersed into many different areas, as the Dark Elves fought for control of the Menhir stone, among other things. General Malagurn sat upon his Cold One in the middle of the camp, looking at the newcomers. Some people saw Shayorin and laughed, for news of his disgrace had spread fast. The General spoke to the trio, seemingly ignoring Shayorin. “So, you’ve driven the High Elf army back? You fools. It was easier without their interferance, but I suppose after decimating most of them, it was a good idea for them to retreat. They will not live long, those cowards. But now, I have a more important task for you. The Menhir stone is being guarded by a large group of the Shining Guard, and the Dreadblight Convent is pushing me to press the attack and crush them. I think that you should lead the attack, Talavar. You, the Disciple, and…is that your slave?”

    Shayorin leapt the the General, knocking him from his mount, and began bashing his gauntlet covered fist into the General’s face. Nobody called him a slave, nobody. It took Talavar and four others to finally pull Shayorin off of Malagurn, who spat blood out onto the ground and growled at Talavar, “Keep that thing on a leash!” The Disciple of Khaine, who had been standing there quietly, had one of her blades pressed against the General’s throat in about a second. “Silence, or your throat will  hang from my belt as a trophy, until I present it to your master, Lord Uthorin, and bring humiliation to your memory.”




    Well, hopefully our two valiant readers ((if we even had that many)) are still holding on to crazy notions of watching posts ramp up again. Well, I’ve had some other ventures, as in, I’ve been playing alot of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, and for a few weeks I was majorly sick, and then injured my arm, and was sitting with a sling for a good bit. But now, hopefully we can remedy these horrible events. Alot has happened since I last posted, so I have quite a bit I wanna say. First up, I’m sure all of you have been having some fun during the Night of Murder event. Usually, an event will come around, and my subscription will have ended. Thanks to the generous contribution of my co-blogger ((I owe you)), I’ve been able to dabble in the event as well. Though I have no hope of finishing all the tasks, I am almost to the third node of influence, for the Gem of Fell Whispers, which there are many variants of it seems. You also probably are aware of the Call to Arms Live Expansion, and we’ll brush over its contents as they are released ((if my subscription doesn’t run out again right as something happens)). Plus, every other blog probably whipped the subject to death, though I do have plans to construct a post about some things I’d like of the Lands of the Dead. So now that the mumbo jumbo is out of the way, time to get to my random topic!

    So, one of the features of WAR that was eventually scrapped, though I believe promised to return, is character morphing, at least I guess you could call it that. For example, if you were an orc character, you would get bigger and bulkier as you leveled up. I wanted to take some time to go over, if they bring this back, a few points on it. It may be a bit of fluff, but it can be used to tell alot about a person. So, for this example, we’re going to use the Black Orc. So, little Mr. Level 1 Black Orc is a runt. Most of the other orcs tower over him, made fun of him in Waaagh School and whatnot. So, eventually Mr. Level 1 Orc is Level 10, and there is an increase in his size, that was gradual, yet, obvious. He’s taller, bulkier, his arms are bigger…but his renown rank is still 0, for some odd reason. Then, Mr. I have 10 renown rank and am level 10 walks up, and though he’s the same size, His tusks seem to be bigger, and his muscles seem to be more well defined, because of how battle hardened he is in RvR. Hell, maybe there’s even specks of blood on his hands and tusks from tearing his enemies limb from limb. So, Mr. Level 10 Orc is, at a glance, less developed in a certain area. But, let’s say that he has more tome unlocks that the other Orc. So, that makes him stand a bit taller, so when he stands next to his counterpart, who is muscular, bloodied, and very tusky, he’s still shorter than this explorer type of person who unlocks many things.


    Then, let’s say someone walks up, another Black Orc, and for the sake of this discussion, let us say this is the Black Orc section of the Waaagh, since Grumlok wanted it organized. This Orc is rank 10, his renown rank is 10, and he has a bunch of tome unlocks. You just combine all the attributes together, and you get a tall, burly, fierce looking orc. With one look, you know what kinds of things this orc has accomplished. If you get to Tier 4, and you’re being charged at by this sorta runty looking orc, but then you see some orc almost as big as Grumlok charging at you, you know who to be scared of.


    Now, this could be a natural progression thing, or, as you reach certain increments ((Every few ranks, every few renown ranks, at some tome unlock milestones)), you can go to some NPC and choose how you want your morph to work. Maybe you’ve got a high renown rank, but instead of burlier muscles, and bigger tusks, you could get huge scars across your body. As long as each type of feature is obviously related to a certain type of progression, that you can notice from a glance, the system could work, and it would make your character more unique. This could obviously be used for every race, and maybe even differentiated for each class. Something to put for another post eh? Breakdown of Character Morphing For Every Race/Class. But, I know this isn’t an increasinly long post, but, I’ve got WAR to play, people to murder, and some ramen noodles to eat.


    Look forward to more frequent posting, our two valiant readers!



    (Insert interesting name for a filler post here)

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    Hey, Razgore here

    Yea, this is a filler post, sorry, I just wanted to let any of our faithful viewers(If there are any left, sorry!) that we apologize for the lack of posts, I’ve been out of WAR for almost a week now, and haven’t had much to comment on in the way of RvR and whatnot because I’ve been playing in T2, also, I’ve been trying to get Mirage to post, it seems he has a small amount of post-shock from the rather large lair post that we had, and is facing a creative block of sorts. Anyway, just saying hang tight and we should get some new stuff out. Sorry again!



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         Razgore brought his choppa up just in time to block the bone crushing blow the boss delivered. He hadn’t planned to challenge his authority, but he didn’t take kindly to anybody talking down to him. Quickly bringing his shield up, Razgore slammed the boss in the face, knocking him backwards, and taking a step back as the boss reared up to his full height, about an inch taller than Razgore’s own seven-and-a-half-feet, and with a bellow, charged again. The boss again brought up his choppa in an easily counter able side swing, but as Razgore blocked it, he simultaneously swung his leg upward and his shield towards Razgore’s left. Razgore twisted slightly to the side and took the brunt of the kick in his side, while blocking the boss’ shield blow with his own shield. Then, Razgore swung back around quickly and got a grip on the boss’ lower jaw with his black mitten-mailed fist. Pearl white bone glistened in the sun, and specs of blood caught the rays in a million brief flashes of radiance as the boss’ jaw came free in a wrenching splash of gore, Razgore raised it above the boss’ head and slammed him on the skull with it. The boss dropped to his knees and Razgore swing his choppa down, splitting the boss halfway down the middle, and wrenched it free with a sucking sound. The other orks looked on stupidly, they knew not to interfere in bigger orks’ fights, and they didn’t know what to do now. Slowly, they realized that their boss was now dead, and that they were leaderless, then the biggest one stepped up and pointed at himself roughly “I’s da new boss, I’s da biggest!” he yelled. However, the “new boss’ ” term was short lived as his head was separated from his shoulder by Razgore’s bloddy choppa. “No, I’s da boss now, and don’t none of you gits forget it” Razgore growled in a cold voice. 


    Hello all, I’m back….again!

         First let me give a little explanation for the title of this newest post, it is a bit odd, or a bit funny, depending on the viewer. I myself like the term, and I was sitting here thinking of a title when my brother, who was reading behind me, said I should call it what it is. I laughed at first because it was just a random meme I knew of, but as I thought about it I thought it could be quite befitting to some of what I wish to talk about, which is probably on your mind concerning the game of WAR if you’re reading this right now. Secondly I’d like to give an apology on behalf of Mirage and I, we’ve been busy, with school and homework, and leveling our new destruction, and such. We keep saying we’ll post one day but forget to, so I finally buckled down and did it. His should follow soon (or else).

       As a small, minor first thing, Mirage and I were talking about the Keen and Graev article on changing the loot inside the WAR game, with tokens systems or whatnot. While I hope Mythic does that, I also thought that it would be good if they increased the number of gold bags. Frequently I go into a keep siege with 50+ people, and only three gold bags drop, that’s the amount that only ever drops. So, I thought one day, why not have the bag number determined by a percentage of the amount of people there? Say, when 50 people are there, you have 5 bags drop, its still a small amount, so you don’t have everybody and their dog running around in good armor, but it also distributes it well in proportion to the amount of people, and provides people with more rewards for their accomplishments as a group.

        While on the subject of random minor first things, another thing that comes to mind in talking about improvements to the game is the grouping system. As I’m sure a lot of you know, when you go into scenarios there are a lot of people that solo, and when you charge keeps in RvR in a 24/24 war band, you don’t get much XP. I was thinking too about this, and thought that it might be neat if there was a bonus given for being in a group, a bonus to XP, RP, whatever. It would encourage people to group up, and make the game more social.

         Anyway, going away from my random musings, and onto the main subject of the post, the combo breaker. It took me a while to get home from school today because of a transportation deficiency, but the entire day I was looking forward to getting home to see just what Mythic had cooked up for us on the 29th of January, and my anticipation was not disappointed. My post is titled so because Mythic has, in effect, broken a combo of releasing expansion packs for a good sum of money with the same amount of content that Mythic is giving to us for free. So, in effect, Mythic is a combo breaker. I have to say that as I read about what was going on, I was really psyched. I love the idea of a zone that we fight over, with new lairs and dungeons and whatnot, and I’m looking forward to all the keep and class improvements they’re adding. On a side note, does anyone else really like the letters that Mark Jacobs leaves us as far as the state of the game? I come from WoW, and I know that seeing a blizzard rep. say anything on the forums was like getting a vision from God, at least for me, haha. So just seeing the time that Mark Jacobs takes to write all the players a letter giving us a heads up is a really cool thing for me. But, back to what I was saying. I am definately going to pick up a choppa when it comes out, I don’t know if I’ll play it a lot, but I have a cool idea in my head of Choppa + Save da runts + healing = ?. The result of which equation I’d really like to find out. Theres not too much else I can say concerning the new post, I simply like all of it and am looking forward to it, and I hope everyone else is as psyched as I am.

         As a last thing to say, I was playing on Razgore the other day, and I was doing dungeons and some RvR for the first time in a while. I had been going guildless for a while and was able to get into a guild that I’m really starting to enjoy. My friend and I were doing some SCs, and we accumulated more people until we got almost a full premade group going. I have to say that I enjoyed myself more than almost any other time playing WAR doing SCs with a group then, we actually won Serpents Passage! Which, if you play on Dark Crag, it happens once in a blue moon. And then later when I was doing some bastion stair for my lesser wards (which seem to constantly allude me) I was having a good time there too because I actually got a good PUG, though the glitch where you can’t get into the instance really sucks. So, the point of this small paragraph being if you’re tired of soloing a lot, if you were like me and were just kind of off on your own, try getting some people together and doing a premade or something, I find it to be a lot of fun and I think that anyone can.

    Bye for now!