A Rough Edge

     The Stunty’s head made a ripping sound as it was removed from its shoulders, blood cascaded in an fan from the mortal wound, spattering Razgore across the stomach as he raised his new trophy high. He took a deep breath and belted a booming “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!”. The scrap was drawing to a close and the small Ironbreaker had been the greatest challenge Razgore had had the whole day, and what a fight it had been; five new wounds, three across the face, and two small ones on his stomach that had resulted in some axes finding purchase past his gutplate, they would make worthy scars. Razgore squinted his piggy orange eyes in the waning sun as the last dwarf fell in a flurry of choppas, separating most of what limbs were left connected to his body and adding to the mosaic of gore that were Greenskin and Dwarf bodies alike carpeting the battlefield. In the past months Razgore hadn’t seen so many scraps as his entire life, ever since the big WAAAAAGH! was started by Warboss Grumlok, the scraps had come in quick succession, and welcomed they had been. This reason was the sole reason why Razgore was now wiping Stunty brain matter from his sword on his face, and tying his new trophy to his belt in the middle of Kadrin Valley. The other orcs, now realizing the battle was over, regrouped, and the leader spoke up. “Dat waz a great scrap boyz, dem stunties never stood a chance-“. The great black orc was interrupted by the loud clopping of hooves that was followed closely by shouting, and not the shouting that the chaos humies did, no, these were empire humies, and all the orcs knew it. “We got humies comin’ from da norf boyz! When dey come inta sight charge dem down an’ we’ll ‘ave good eatins’ tonight!”. Razgore thought the taste of humie meat sounded good, and kept the taste in his mind as he readied his choppa and faced down the path from where the hoofbeats were coming. He was ready to make his name again.                


       Hey! I’m Manifest, or Man1f3s7. I’m the  co-blogger of Mirage here. I titled this post “A Rough Edge” for a few reasons, for one, I’m new to this whole blogging thing, or doing anything similar to this on the internet in general, besides forums. Mirage is really good at it, but I’ll do the best I can. Also, I’m finding it kind of hard to make Greenskin fan-fic. At the moment I think the fan fic above sounds a little bit too intelligent for a greenskin, but I suppose the more I write it the better I’ll get at it. Thirdly, I’m still getting used to my black orc, Razgore, and feel like a noob sometimes when I can’t kill someone in one on one combat, but I’ll get better at that too.

     Anyway, I’ll post an introduction here for introductions sake. I started MMO’s with Runescape as well, however, after I left Runescape I went to an MMO that was free to play called Knight Online. After Knight Online I went to Guild Wars for about a year, then World of Warcraft for about two years, and now I’m with Warhammer, and I’m enjoying my stay. I was with Mirage in GuildCast but was never really active. For the most part I was known as “Mirage’s Friend” if even that, haha.

     I transferred from Wolfenburg also, where Mirage and I both started, and I fell in love with Dark Crag once I stepped into it (The search lists actually fill up). I haven’t been on a lot in a while, I’ve mostly just been getting on for small amounts of RvR because I usually have homework and such. I’m working on accumulating my wards, I’ve gotten two annihilators already, and am pretty happy about it, but I can’t seem to find Bastion Stair groups very readily. Oh well.

Thats a small bit about me, sorry if I went off on any boring tangents that are tedious to read, I’ll work on it.

You can send me any supportive feedback at Man1f3s7@gmail.com.


Thanks for reading!



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  1. I’m sure you will get used to blogging, nice fan fic by the way 🙂

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