Idiocy, Intros, and Orcapults…

The Dark Elves pursued them through the night, slaughtering all those who tried to escape. It was only in the end when Shayorin found his prey. All of his fellows had taken to resting in our nearby camp, but he wanted his trophy, hiskill…and it lay in front of him, surrounded by histreacherous cousins. There stood Prince Alanath Lionclaw, the leader of this little offensive. He was surrounded not only by his personal guard, made up of White Lions and their little pets, but also the remained of his forces. All-in-all, Shayorin counted a little more than one hundred. He lifted his helmet from its resting place on the ground, and then slowly put it on, his field of vision narrowing down to only those he had to kill. He let hatred flow through him, the hatred of such prey having the change to elude him…the hatred of the High Elves…and the hatred of his brethren, who hold honor for their prowess out in the field. They accomplished objectives, he had the highest body count. His meant nothing, unless heslaughtered the entire army himself. His superiors often scolded him for being satisfied with only a large number of kills, telling him he was close to becoming like those Greenskin brutes. No, the Dark Elves had a mission to accomplish…killing or enslaving the High Elves would come in time, but first, the needed to rule Ulthuan…


Here I am again! My first post went up not too long ago, and I was sorta trying to wait a bit, let that one get some views and whatnot before posting another one, but I really had an itch to put something new up here. So, this post will be a big one, since first I’m going to introduce myself, and then talk about some WAR! But before all that, I’d like to thank Dont, if that is his ‘real’ name, from Blame the Healer for his comment on my first blog post, and for adding me to his blogroll. I’ve also posted my introduction thread at Blog Warhammer, ((Yay for Hyperlink technology)), as is warranted by the Age of Blogging! Thanks to Rivs over there for adding me to his blogroll as well, and check out his blog, Way of the Chosen. Oh, and if you were wondering I do think it’s kinda odd that I’m throwing around shout outs and pimping already popular blogs, but they deserve it.


On to me. Well, I started playing MMOs with, and laugh if you want, Runescape. I was really young at the time, hell, I still am young, and played that for awhile. Then I moved on to Guild Wars, which I have fun with for a good, long while, until I played it so much I burned out, a few months after the Eye of the North release. During my first few months in Guild Wars, I joined the community of Guild Cast, which was THE podcast for Guild Wars, which was done by Shawn Schuster, one of the bloggers at Massively, who also started TabulaCast, Oh My God Real Life, and hosts Massively Speaking along with Michael Zenke. Over in the Guild Cast community, they called me Mirage, and that’s where I met up with alot of the people I know now over the interwebs, such as the infamous Lady Sinaea, who is a really good friend.


Also in my time with Guild Cast, I caught an illness that plagued many of us…the WoW Hatred. I absolutely despised that game, without ever have playing it. Eventually, one of my real life friends, and indeed the same person who initially got me into Guild Wars, went off to play World of Warcraft, but still hung out and played Guild Wars. I too, moved onto playing both when he forced me into it, and I loved it instantly, and have played it for a bit more than a year. I eventually also took an offer from Lady Sinaea to start playing Lord of the Rings Online, which I still play, as it is a wonderful game. I had also been watching Warhammer with an open-mind, until I finally got into the Open-Beta and began to play it. This cemented my decision to buy it, and my long time friend moved on with me. We both pre-ordered it, and started the game from the very beginning. I had my Shaman, he had his Black Orc. After my first month, my Shaman was at level 21, and I took a break from the game that has lasted quite a while, though I still watched the game’s evolution. I return now, learning that I hate playing my Shaman, my friend is rank 40, and I found my new favorite class! I rolled a Black Guard named Shayorin, which is also the name of my Lord of the Rings Online character, and went to see where that took me. Now I’m sitting at about level 11, and loving every minute. I rip through people like wet paper bags in Scenarios with my halberd, and I have decided that waiting for the game to move along a bit was a good investment. You’ll all get to see a bit of my friend ’round here, since he is my co-blogger, should be popping in eventually.


So, there’s my ‘brief’ introduction. So we all know, really fast, I played on Wolfenburg, then transfered to Dark Crag, which is where I am now.


So, I’ve officially fallen in love with my Black Guard, and I have officially stopped doing Khaine’s Embrace. It’s not a bad scenario, there is just one problem that has persisted from day one: It takes the entire fifteen minutes! Honestly, I think I’ve only completed one by hitting 500, and that was because we had a team that was really good at distracting the Order players long enough for one of us to rush in and cap the point. It is a bit frustrating, but, I’ve moved on. I’ve just been doing Gates of Ekrund, which is actually the fastest, and most enjoyable in my opinion. One thing I find interesting though, is that most people don’t use the Orcapults… These Orcapults are useful, if say, your enemies are gathered in the center at the Gate Switch, and you want to get to the right cap point, which I think is the Supply Room. Of course, there is no guarantee you’ll get there, since you can land in all sorts of places, but there is that slight chance that you’ll land on the ledge above, or even sometimes on the roof. I don’t think Order has an equivalent to this however, but it’s a fun way to get into the battle.


Green Circle = Orcapults!




So, kids, use those Orcapults! As for me, I think I’m done for now, as this post is starting to drag on….Dragon…heh…But, anyways, I already have another few screenshots and some thought put into another post, should be up later, but remember, don’t expect every single day to be like this, 50000000 posts within the span of a few hours! Remember, I love polite, constructive feedback, at, as well as comments! Shayorin, out!



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2 Responses to “Idiocy, Intros, and Orcapults…”

  1. Wow, you sure have an itch to write 😛

    If you by ‘real’, mean the name I use on teh intrawebz, that’s really Dont. (Kind of weird, I know.)

    Anyway, I’ve also played with Guild Wars before Warhammer and I still support its community. (Well, not by podcasts, but through PvXwiki, if you’re familiar with that one.)

    I hate Khaine’s Embrace because of the explosion. But the “You have been slain by Khaine!” line somewhat makes up for it 🙂

    Too bad my Disciple is in T4 already.. I cannot try that Orcapult out, even though I love these things. Well, I might be able to use it with my Shadow Warrior, just for the kicks.

  2. I am indeed familiar with PvXwiki. I found that very useful after Guildwiki removed the build section. But, I would highly reccomend rolling up a character just to get launched with an orcapult! And boom, you are now Dont in my mind. I’ve got another post I’m beginning to draft, and my co-blogger/friend is currently writing something…

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