RvR Slaughter…it makes me dizzy…

Shayorin began to sprint towards the High Elf encampment. He quickly dispatched the guards who came into his path. Suddenly, he heard the war cries of his brothers, and raced even faster. He would claim the honor of slaying the Prince…or so the thought. They closed around the Prince and his royal guard, and any who would take a strike at the Prince met Shayorin’s halberd. The guard was slowly swept away, and Shayorin and 5 others were left to face the Prince. One of them jumped forward, the youngest of the group, and before he could even swing his blade, Alanath swung his shield outwards, shattering the Dark Elve’s skull, the corpse flying aside like a ragdoll. Shayorin swung his halberd out, but the shield moved out, blocking the strike, but leaving a huge gash. Two of the other Dark Elves tried an attack next, one from each side. One met his death by Alanath’s blade, the other by Shayorin’s halberd. The last one turned and ran, but was slain, for Alanath had thrown his shield at the retreating Dark Elf, crushing his neck. Turning to look at Shayorin, he laughed, and spoke.

“There is no chance of defeating me, Dark Elf. Go back to your masters, tell them that you will all fail. You will never take Ulthuan…”

And with that, Alanath Lionclaw walked away. He could have sworn that he heard an enraged Dark Elf howl, as his honor was scarred that day…he was now a coward in the eyes of his people, and swore revenge against Alanath. What he didn’t know is that it would take him across more than just Ulthuan, but into the Old World and beyond, just to hunt his prey.


Time to get settled into this whole blogging thing, now that introductions are out of the way. So, last time, I think I was talking about Gates of Ekrund. I’ve been doing that so often, but no matter what, three things are always the same. First of all, I always, ALWAYS, have a bunch of fun, tearing down a bunch of people before I meet my doom. As a Black Guard swinging around my halberd, I kill alot of enemies, and I can take quite a few hits. I got my Tooth Skinner title while hanging around 100 health, only living because of the health gain from using Feeding on Weakness. The stats of the battle were also pretty awesome!




But, in this death defying, at least for a few battles, experience, I learned something. It was a lession I continued to learn for the rest of the day…RvR makes me dizzy. Now, in games like World of Warcraft, you have to be facing your enemies for your abilities to work, making it completely viable to run around your enemy ((as a melee class)) and disrupt their ability to fight back. In WAR, however, this strategy, if you can even call it that, is not viable, since last time I checked, characters automatically turned to the target when attacking. So, in essence, all the accomplish is most people spinning their camera around with the mouse because they’re used to how WoW works, or, in my case, to watch them run away when they are about to die, and see which direction they run in. Please, if you’re doing this, stop! Stop running around us! It’s just an irritation, and your head will still be violently severed from your shoulders. Then again, I could be completely wrong, and this entire rant will fail and be irrelevant, but still…stop making me dizzy.


Another thing I’d like to note that I observered in scenarios mostly, is chatter. I understand that this is a social game, and I love talking to people. I also know the importance of passing along information in scenarios to form tactics and strategies. But, when we’re on the losing end, and all we need to come back is some concentration, so we may smash through the enemy lines, don’t be blabbering about random things that don’t pertain to the battle! We can also discuss whether that orc guy’s skin was light green or neon green AFTER we’ve crushed those order scumbags!


See you on the other side,





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  1. I’m pretty sure that characters aren’t auto tuned to your target, I mean, even in WoW I could be casting at something and I would follow it automatically, but if they moved faster than it could or did it right they could still get behind me, the same case is in WAR. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve killed casters just by standing behind them while they try to failingly arrow turn. Just saying.

  2. Maybe I’m just young and senile then…

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