The Age of Blogging Initiative!

“This was expected…or was it? Did we really think our frail, weak cousins, the High Elves, would strike at us so fast? Moments after the Arks landed upon the Blighted Isle, as our assault of Ulthuan began, they came at us. It does not matter though, nor should I waste any thought on the matter, for thinking in battle is a sure way to lose your head. Not that these fools are competent enough to strike us with such accuracy or ferocity. No, they are weak…too weak.”

Shayorin dropped to his knees as the blade of a large sword flew over his head. As he watched it’s movement, waiting for an opening in his enemies defenses, he vaguely noticed how beautiful the craftsmanship was…and saw a weakness. Flinging his halberd forward, he struck out towards the cross-guard, and it shattered, his adversary left only with the hilt. The High Elf had an expression of utter terror upon his face, until his head was quickly removed from his shoulders. Picking it up, Shayorin spat on it, for it was not a worthy trophy for him…it was just one insignificant peon. He wanted the head of someone important…the head of a Prince. He heard rumours that there was one among this attack force, hoping to drive them off the beaches of the Isle. It was a useless gesture. Every few minutes, more Dark Elf soldiers poured forth from the Arks. Malekith was unleashing the full fury of the Dark Elves upon these weaklings. This offensive would not last the night…they would probably not last the next five minutes…


Well, I hoped you enjoyed that little tidbit, as it’s probably going to be a regular thing here on this blog, since me and my buddies have always wanted to write up some fan fiction for Warhammer, though we’re not as uber in our lore knowledge as some folks. If you didn’t like it, hey, cram a comment in here, or send me and e-mail at But, on with the show!


This blog, named, of course, ‘Da Bloggy Tingy!’, was created by me, and a friend ((who is a big Greenskin fan, hence the name)), because of the WAR: Age of Blogging initiative. More information can be found at The gist of it is, during the month of January, the blogs of the Warhammer Online community are going out of there way to try and expand said community, by opening their arms to any and all who want to talk about the game we all love and enjoy. They are willing to aid and support the little baby blogs however they can, including pimping them on their sites, and probably getting them so good traffic, to get them started up and going. Now, this blog isn’t a piece of art, like many of the ones that are popping up, part of this initiative, but don’t worry, fancy stuff is in the works. This post is going up a bit after midnight, and I have been assured that a friend of mine is working on a banner for us right now.


So, this here blog thing is going to be kept, maintained, and posted upon by me, and my buddy, who for now will not be disclosed, as often as we can. We have busy lives, so we’re not having a schedule set in stone. We’re hoping for eventually getting some people in here, some comments, constructive criticism, and all the other fancy things that pro-bloggers get! But mainly, this blog is just for fun. Sure, there’ll be serious posts, and maybe tips and strategies for stuff, maybe even some nerd rage, but the main focus is just to talk about Warhammer, and be part of something bigger. So, in the next few days, we’ll get a banner, some posts, and a myriad of other shiniez on here, and make this into a true blog.


If you want to contact me, once again, my e-mail is, and please, keep it polite…don’t want my inbox full of cussing and swearing, which I will try to also keep out of this blog.


If you want to learn more about the WAR: Age of Blogging initiative, head on over to Maybe you’ll even be inspired to start your own blog!


Shayorin, signing out!


© All things on this here blog ((unless we state otherwise)) are totally property of Shayorin and Manifest, Mythic Entertainment ((if we use anything from their site, or quote them)), or our fellow bloggers ((if we use their stuff WITH permission)), or only used with proper permissions and credit given, and if you steal it we will hunt you down and kill you.


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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Your blog looks promising, added you to my blogroll:)

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I’ll try to do my best, and I’m itchin’ to post some more…gotta let this post sit out there for a bit though first, I think!

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