Honor Regained

So, just an early morning post before I head off to school…no fan fiction on this one…I hit rank 13 last night, having finished all my quests throughout the Blighted Isle and Chrace, with only the quests that push me out into tier two…and what wonders await me there? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing I do want to comment on though, is the Epic Quest Chain “Legend and Infamy”. What happens is, basically an event takes place that strips you of all honor and standing, and you are spat upon and ridiculed by all of the other Dark Elves…they won’t even let you join in any Dark Elf games. Your life is spared by a Shadow Warrior, and you must regain your honour by killing him…many times, you may lose hope, but you must try to regain your honor and all costs. In the end, you will even have some snarky Sorceress who thought you would be her pawn for all time bite her tongue and submit as you rise above her. Sweet, sweet irony… I really look forward to Tier Two, I have only heard good things…See you all out on the battlefield!


Signing out, once again, Shayorin!



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~ by krimmzon on January 12, 2009.

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