Company Qualities, Siegeitos, and Misc.

     The horses came into view as they rose to the crest of the hill. White foam and spittle flecked their muzzles from hours of hard riding, and their riders sat astride their steeds sloppily, almost falling asleep. They were carrying a message, and it was obviously important, but Razgore didn’t know this, or if he carried a semblance of the idea in his consciousness, it was quickly overridden by the taste of dinner on his mind. The humies were instantly alert as soon as they noticed trouble, an uneasy, almost sickly grim visage found its way onto each of their faces, their fate was sealed. The boyz leader shouted a resounding “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” and charged, quickly followed by the others. The horses were started into blinding fear as the leader’s war cry erupted, abandoning their masters jerkily. Some of the humies were merely thrown off their mounts, a few at the end of the party were trampled to death from panicked hooves crushing skulls and snapping ribs before the riders had a chance to express the surprise-turned-fear that had quickly welled up. The orcs rushed faster, sensing an easy kill, the sound of slaughter ringing in their ears as they closed the last yards between them and the tired-looking humies.


Hey, its Manifest again, stopping by for another post. First off I’d like to give a handshake to all the Order from our server, I haven’t been able to get on much because of finals but when I have its always been a hard fight for keeps and fortresses, so great job.

     Now, first thing on the agenda. I wanted to discuss Mythic’s company qualities. I could be wrong but from what it seems to me I hear more bashing on Mythic than any kind of supportive feedback. Whenever I’m in game or browsing the Warhammer Alliance forums I always seem to find a lot of “boo Mythic” ‘s, while not in that exact context, the message is almost the same but diverse as to the issue being discussed. So, I wanted to point out the most positive aspect of what I find about Mythic. When Mirage and I played Guild Wars, we got pretty burnt out on it after the year, though we adored the company because of their inherit trait of listening to the players and giving excellent results, I still believe their Player vs Player system to be quite profound. Later, as we moved into World of Warcraft, Mirage and I often discussed the idea of how cool it would be if there were a “Blizzard + Arenanet” company, the customer support from Arenanet combined with the ideas from WoW, and such. The main reason I left WoW was not because of the gameplay, I rather enjoyed it, but got frustrated with the amount of feedback that the developers gave, which was little to none. It seemed to me most of the time they just did what they wanted and when they did do what the players wanted it was catering to the “QQers” and the noobs and all-around chobs. I had no faith in the game to take a progressive route and so, I left. When I came to Warhammer I was instantly delighted with the support that Mythic gave, while having a lot of the great ideas that you could find in a game like WoW. After we started playing Warhammer, Mirage and I often joked that we’d found the company that was the “Blizzard + Arenanet hybrid”. So, in conclusion, I just wanted to give a round of applause to how well Mythic has been running their game since before launch and beyond. They have gone so far as to do things that they didn’t want to do but did because the players asked for it (I.E. the Heavy Metal Event Task Completion System). Great job.

     Now, the second thing. Siege Engines. I was RvRing when I could this week and I noticed something peculiar. I was one of the only people sitting on a siege engine to shoot down other siege engines and help to break the oil. I realize that using it to shoot the oil is next to ineffective, but it was better than joining the other thirty people hammering on the door. Anyway, I wondered why this was, and soon came to the conclusion that it was becuase of the overall weakness of the siege engines. While I realize that it would be a bad system to have the siege engines one shot players and siege engines because there are not near enough players to handle the numbers game that would require, I do think their strength, or mechanics should be changed so that players would actually use them in assault as well as defence. I don’t have any specific mechanics or strength degrees hammered out, but I was thinking that they could up the damage on the single target engines to do significantly more damage, such as taking out a fourth or half of a players’ HP instead of about a 16th. Also, I thought it might be cool to use the AOE engines to do a sort of knockback or knockdown to players in the area that it hits. There are obviously some problems that will have to be worked out with that, but its just a foundational idea that could be implicated to provide more use for the siege engines, and make keep sieges a little more than setting up a battering ram and ramming one’s skull into a door, no matter how entertaining that may sound. On a side note before I end this paragraph I named the title “Siegeitos” because when you put “-ito” at the end of objects in Spanish it means “little” so I was implicating the weakness of the siege engines by calling them little siege engines. Just in case you were wondering.

     Thirdly, and shortly, I placed Misc. in the title because I was half sure there was something at the back of my mind I wanted to write about that I would figure out once I got to the end of this post, but I am here and have not yet remembered what it was.

Anyway, thanks for reading!




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  1. While I agree with boosting the damage of siege engines, I wouldn’t give them crowd control abilities (like AoE knockdown), because in T4 there’s already more than enough of those.

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