Coordination, Absences, Appreciation, and A Lack Thereof

     The moment Razgore and the other orcs raised their blades, something was wrong. Of course, the change would only be noticed to a more intelligent being, not possessing the singleness of mind the orcs now had, ignoring all obstacles to get to their goal, and to feast, and later defile the remains with a good helping of fecal matter. Instantly the humans were alert, the weariness had been a ruse, clever for use only against an orc. The first human ran forward in a low crouch, but swiftly enough to seem as a blur; a ragged shearing sound ripped the air and the leading orc fell in a flash, blood flowing easily from the crimson disemboweling gash that had gone straight through his gut plate. Razgore stopped short while the other orcs ran blindly into the fight. He knew they would win, they had almost three times the numbers, but it could end up as a close fight. A straight cut through the near five inches or more of steel, or iron, that was an orc’s gut plate was not a simple thing to do, which meant these humans were not ordinary. Not ordinary at all. The fighting continued, humans weaved in and out of combat in an accurate, and effective dance that left precise slashes through all the orcs’ vitals. For every human that fell, two or three more orcs followed suite. Razgore shook himself free of his surprise and charged in. Unlike the other orcs who were merely boyz, dispensable in every sense of the word, yet effective in their own right, Razgore was a Black Orc, as was the leader of their war band, and they would help to turn the tide. Razgore met his first opponent, the human who had cut down the first orc, the human smiled and closed in for what he thought would be another easy kill. The human faked a left swing and brought his sword up diagonally from the right, Razgore turned and blocked it with his shield, swung around and punched the human straight in the face. Bone crunched and blood spat from the edges of Razgore’s fist, the human cried out, but was abruptly cut off by Razgore quickly grabbing his head and, with a roar, ripped it from his shoulders in a shower of red. Razgore suddenly ducked and a large blade crossed right where his neck had been, keeping his momentum, Razgore brought his sword up and the human’s severed head flew by, his face a mixture of surprise and gut wrenching fear. Searching for his new target, Razgore saw a particularly decorated soldier standing back from the slaughter, he looked like a worth-while fight.


     Hey everyone! I’m back again for another post, mainly about RvR and tendencies of players therein.

First of all, the overall tendencies of the players within RvR. I was riding around on my boar today and happened to stop by for some RvR in Eataine. We managed to capture the zone and push our way onto Shining Way. Unfortunately, when we got into the actual fortress was when the problem started. First of all, it didn’t help that BWs were exploiting and AOEing us down through the floor, but that wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t so uncoordinated. I mean, I saw BWs running rampant through our group, and they took a while to actually be killed, which didn’t make much sense to me. Also, nobody ever actually rushed the Lord, we were waiting for people to show up but even after we got a lot we didn’t go up, we just sat there and got AOE’d. Of course Ruined had made their presence there so a bunch of their people were sub 40/35, which would have helped our odds considerably, but not enough people went for it. And last of all, after we’d gotten killed, everybody just disappeared. I went back to the fortress to rejoin the fight and found that not only were order just killing people that were walking by but an effort hadn’t even been mounted to get back inside when the door was already opened. I could be being super critical, but it just seems to me that people aren’t using their brains enough and are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

     Also I’d like to point out my second thing, healers, a lack of good ones, and a lack of appreciation for the good ones. I haven’t actually leveled a healer to 40, but I’m pretty sure its not a huge monumental task, but yet, it always seems, in RvR and SC’s, that order have either way more healers than we do, or that our healers just aren’t cutting it. I don’t know how or why this happens, I won’t call down everybody that plays a healer, it just seems to me that the healers on destruction just aren’t playing their classes as they should, and I don’t believe its that hard. I remember fighting outside of a keep against an Ironbreaker and two or three other classes helping him, including a warrior priest. I had two healers behind me, with a sorceress, and I don’t recall the other class. The Ironbreaker was 33, and I was sundering his armor and attacking with what I could, and yet his HP remained untouched, while mine dropped like a rock. I understand there could have been focus firing going on, but between one healer on their side, and two on mine, and the IB’s HP not dropping at all, it just seems a little stupid that a 33 can be healed better than a 40 BO in tank spec.

     That said, I find that a lot of the good healers’ go unappreciated, which may be the cause of the lack of good healers. I’ve honestly seen some very, very good healers out on the battlefield, and I’d like to give an appreciated commendation to those healers that know their class and that can perform very well in combat situations. Great work and keep it up!

Anyway, that’s all for today, thanks for reading!




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2 Responses to “Coordination, Absences, Appreciation, and A Lack Thereof”

  1. as they say ‘It’s all in a name”(well & images)

    Destruction is a name which 100% creates a idea that what you will spend your time doing is destroying stuff: or to put it a another way DPSing stuff.

    playing a healer takes a certain sort of attitude especially in a RvR (or PvP) environment. It’s definitely a role which requires a certain realization of working as team\for the great whole.

    The of personality that plays a healer is probably going to be more attracted to order than chaos.

    so id personally guess that order has a slightly larger number of healers, and also that destruction has a larger population of DPSers with both having similar populations of tanks.

    As for the quality of healers, if they are level 40 id say they have no excuse but below that many ‘healer’ classes will have specced to DPS in order to level faster, and this can make a very significant difference to someone healing.

    i’ve just dinged lvl 28 on my DoK and have started playing scenarios but my experience so far is that i can often outperform other who are alot higher level than me. Now im no9t arrogant enough to say ‘its pure skill’ some im gonna guess that theim fully healing speced and they are not.

    I mean playing WoW you wouldn’t expect a enhancement shaman to heal as well as a resto shaman, because specs are more hidden in WaR than for instance WoW, sometimes a healer might be trying his best but his spec only allow him to do so much.

    btw the best way to make a healer love you forever is to use a guard spell (save da runts for instance) on him. The nothing like a good bit of mutual dependence.

    anyways in summary nice article there GJ keep the work up 😀

  2. I love giving that to healers, haha, makes them last forever and I get lots of heals ^_^

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