Destruction Players, Destruction Players, Wherefore Art Thou, Destruction Players?

     Razgore made no effort of disguising his approach on the Empire leader, who quickly noticed he was coming. Those unfortunate enough to get in the way of Razgore and his goal ended up with either less limbs then they already posessed, a flattened face from Razgore’s shield, or they ended up a head shorter.  Raising himself up to his full height, Razgore lept forward with a booming bellow and brought his sword down in a smooth arc towards the commander’s face. The commander’s eyes alighted upon the swing Razgore took, flashing with intelligence, he easily sidestepped the swing and pressed his advantage to Razgore’s side, his sword swinging with such speed that it seemed just a glimmer wherever it aimed to strike. Had Razgore been a more intelligent being, he would have seen the dire situation in which he was in, but all he saw was an unusually, and much sought after, hard fight. The commander had speed, but Razgore had strength and size, and knew how to use them to his advantage. Moving quickly, Razgore brought up his shield against the would-be deathblow the commander attmempted to land, and utilizing the momentum from his ending swing, Razgore brought his sword in an arc over his head and directly down towards his opponents head, the commander easily noticed the swing and gave Razgore a smirk, easily blocking the blow; in return, Razgore brought his massive knee straight up into the commander’s crotch. The commander’s eyes instantly bugged out and started tearing up, but he still managed to land a blow on Razgore’s leg as he collapsed to the ground. At that moment, the leader of Razgore’s band came over, apparently having seen the commander as a good fight himself, but failing to see that Razgore had already engaged him. “Oi! Ya git! Ya took my scrap! Dat humie looked like a good ‘un and ya already went an’ beat ‘im good” the warband leader yelled at Razgore as he approached. “Youse da git, get’cha own foight!” Razgore responded. “Oi! Ya don’ talk ta me dat way ya git! I’s gonna bash ya good!” The leader screamed as he raised his choppa to punish Razgore for the challenge to his authority.


     Hello all! Sorry for the long delay between the posts, I procrastinate for a living and sometimes my work gets in the way of my blogging.

     So, lets cut to the chase. I was out in Tier 4 RvR yesterday, (I was off school for Friday and so I was out and about when everyone else was in school) and normally how I find where all the fighting is going on is I use the search utility and find the zone where everybody is. So I was following my usual routine and found that everyone was in Praag. Upon arriving there I opened up my map and saw that, Hey! A keep was under attack! Oh joy! I promptly got on my boar and rode off to the keep, and when I got there I saw that a bunch of Order were out in front just killing people that came by, but I was too far away for them to make it worth their while. So, I figured that they must be at the Battle Objectives since the keep indicator sometimes bugs out and says people are attacking when they aren’t. However, after searching all the objectives I noticed that nobody was doing anything with them either, even if they were open. Hmm, I thought, I wonder if everyone just left as I came? I opened up my search utility again and, nope, everyone was still here, I even got the “Your search query is too wide, please narrow it down” message, or something to that effect. So then I had an idea and opened up my open party search, and found nobody. At this point I got a little frustrated, it didn’t make any sense to me. The other Tier 4 zones that were contested were read as completely empty, and Praag was read as full, and yet nobody at all was there. I’d wanted to do some RvR badly and all that ended up happening was I’d ride around and get killed by order because nobody was doing anything. Now, understand I don’t mean this to be a “QQ” post, I’m just saying, where is everyone? It didn’t make much sense to me so I just rode around some more until I found one or two people and followed them, and even then they only amassed to a group of about five people. After about an hour I was able to find a full warband and we took over the keep, but, seriously, is it just me? It just didn’t make any sense, and thats why I’d like to know: Where are you, Oh players of destruction?

     Now that the main thing is out of the way, I wanted to discuss some ideas Mirage and I had. We were playing on some alts yesterday and were talking about crafting. Currently there are only two actual crafting professions, and, I think four gathering professions. I was mentioning to Mirage that because of the way the crafting systems are set up in here, you could have some really interesting professions. I thought it would be really cool to implement the armorer, weaponscrafter, or blacksmith professions. I know those are pretty well used in all the MMOs, but because of the system Mythic set up, they could potentially have some sort of a custom weapon making system. Wouldn’t that be awesome? You could have swords with the same stats but you could name them, or have a specific design that players put on that shows its a sword made by them, or things to that effect. You could do the same thing for armor and such. I just thought it would be really neat to be able to do your own armor and weapons and, because of Mythic’s system, potentially be able to add your own little touch to it. Anyway, that was the extent to which we got with the crafting, and thats all for now!

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  1. If a warband is full, it disappears from the Open Parties list, afaik. Still, that doesn’t explain why couldn’t you see anyone..

  2. Yea, I know about that, but when a zone is full there are usually a couple semi-full warbands, I couldn’t find hardly anything.

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