Is better to be feared, or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?

The frustrated Black Guard rubbed his temple with his fingers, his helmet laying at his feet. Opening his eyes, Shayorin looked down at the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood. His halberd lay to the side, fresh gore sliding down the blade. His gauntlets were painted red with blood of his enemies. It had happened so fast. Talavar had sent him off on a scouting mission, to evaluate the high elf defences of Nimosaur. He was ambushed by a group of Shadow Warriors, and after minutes of slashing, an arrow pierced his shoulder, and he dropped his halberd. He howled with rage, and continued to beat his enemies to a bloody pulp with his fists. They lay dead around him, their skulls crushed in from his gauntlets. He had acquired a new scar, as his breast plate had a huge gash in it, and the scar lay beneath, running from the base of his neck, down to the right, stopping at his waist. The bleeding had stopped, but his damaged armor would be hard to replace in a short amount of time…and he still had another mission. He had heard a rumour of Alanath’s presence in Nimosaur, and was determined to find him and tear his skull out.


His search was interrupted by a battle cry, and a group of High Elves charged up towards him. Grabbing his halberd, he swung it with all his strength, all of his rage. The first wave of his attackers collapsed in a bloody mess. A swordmaster was approaching, and Shayorin calculated the distance, launching his halberd. The weapon stabbed straight through his head, impaling a following warrior in the throat. Drawing two daggers, he ran forward, slashing many of his adversaries stomachs open, watching the guts pour out. He reached the falling body of the swordmaster, and burying his daggers into the chest of some unfortunate High Elf, he ripped the halberd free, a spray of blood shooting out, drawing a line across his face. His helmet rolled down towards him and bumped into his heel.


He turned as he heard a horn…a High Elf horn. Whoever blew that horn must die…Shayorin began to jog forward, then sprint towards the noise. The noise came from a hill, where a lone Elf stood, watching battle unfurl down below. He saw the Black Guard charging up towards him, and as Shayorin swung his halberd up, it met the Elf’s blade.


“Shayorin the Weak…I have heard much of you from Master Alanath.”


As you must have realized by now, Manifest and I play Destruction. We both started back in the SE Head Start, and now we’ve begun to blog. We have alot to talk about, but our view is a bit narrow. I’ve picked my Shaman back up, setting my Black Guard on the shelf, and while frustrated, I have fun with my class, plus my friends need me…but, we decided to make some alts with a buddy of ours. Some Order alts, of all things. Now, it took alot of convincing from me to do this, but the main point I put forth was that if we only play Destruction, we’re only seeing half the story. Being WoW players previously, I compared it to our experience of playing the Alliance ((though our first love is the Horde)), and only seeing half the content, half the story. Now, WAR has an awesome story, and this holds true to both sides. We were missing alot. So we created Empire characters on Magnus ((though our friend is dwarf engineer!)) and swore that we would read everything in the tome, and stop and smell the roses. I don’t think I’ve had so much fun in an MMO. I was sorta lonely on my Destruction characters, since my friends outleveled me, and this is a really enjoyable experience.  My Warrior Priest, and Manifest’s Witch Hunter, along with our friend’s Engineer pretty much own everything that comes at us. I also did Gates of Ekrund, and in two different instances, I was bashing in a zealot’s face, or in another case a Witch Elf, while being attacked by 2 Black Orcs and a Black Guard, and holding my own. It was very epic.


I’ve also noticed a different feeling I have while playing Order. On Destruction, I just get this feeling I’m rising through the ranks, and we’re just going through and owning everyone, for example, the Dark Elf invasion of Ulthuan. There is really no opposition it seems. But, playing Order, I truly feel like I’m rallying people, and fighting off the darkness, but it seems to be pressing in from every direction, threatening to destroy us all. I feel much more epic, more heroic, and it is a really good feeling. So, I think everyone out there who only plays one side, please, go roll on the other side and check it out, even if you’re not big into lore like us. You might finding something interesting, or something you absolutely love about those you once called your enemies.


Kinda short post, but I think it’s a good length. Next time I think I’ll grab a few pictures of our Order adventures and talk about how much awesome fun it is!






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