As the doors rolled slowly back, revealing the darkness within…

Hey there everyone! Here is the big, epic post we’ve promised. My comments, as you’ll notice, or normal. Manifest is typing in bold, I’ll be typing normally, and some fan fictions shall be put in there with fancy italics. Our experiences on the Order side, which I posted about a little while ago, will be the focus of this post. I just touched on how much we were missing out, and how fun it was, but now you’ll know what we were up to, besides owning utterly and completely. Lairs…we hit the three tier 1 Lairs, found in the Blighted Isle, Norsca, and Ekrund, and all either in or near the RvR lake. If you don’t want to know how to open the lairs, since it was a big challenge, I suggest you move along…and hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeee we go!


Here follows the last account of Lady Alisha:



“I am sorry, Alisha. It would be impossible to teach you such things!”

“Why is that, Beltillian?” Alisha asked the Archmage, in a demanding tone. Beltillian sighed, and shook his head.

“Please, Alisha. Return to your Empire. Be content with what you know, for what you ask may very well be the end of you.”

“I highly doubt that learning to wield all the winds of magic would kill me, Beltillian!”

“Yes, well, you are also not a master in the subject, are you? No matter what argument you may come up with, no matter how much you are willing to give, I will not teach you.”

“Then, Beltillian, you will die.”

Though a High Elf, and a powerful one at that, Alisha easily slew him. She looked down at the body, and ran. It took only minutes for the High Elves to realize what happened, and Alisha had only made it as far as the forests of Saphery. She could hear the clinking of armor, the stomping of boots, and the roaring of White Lions, dogging her steps. She continued to run, not knowing where she was headed, and not caring. She crossed into the Blighted Isle, and suddenly she found herself at the mouth of a cave, after she had been running for hours. She could see the elves in the distance, and they saw her, so she ran into the cave. She was cornered, and as the High Elves stepped in, she screamed at them, “YOU REFUSE TO GIVE ME THE POWER I SEEK! I WILL SLAY YOU ALL!”

One of the elves stepped forward, a mage, who was dressed in very decorative robes. He spoke calmly and politely. “Lady Alisha, you asked for something, and Beltillian refused, for your own good. Your life is worth more than this power. Please, see the error of your ways, and come with us. We promise to soften the blows of your punishment, if only you submit.” He reached out his hand, and the others moved in closer, forming a semi-circle around Alisha. Alisha took his hand, smiling, and suddenly the elf ignited in flame. She drove her staff through the skull of another Elf, and began to work her magic. Every time one of the High Elves would approach her, he would be engulfed in flame, killing him instantly, and turning him to ash. Dozens of them fell, until finally a swordmaster drove his blade through her heart. For years, she lingered within, dragging bodies into her cave to feed on, until finally, they shut the door of her lair, and using their magic, they sealed the door using Runes of Control. Her screams still echo to this day from her horrid death.


The first lair on our list is the lair of the banshee, Lady Alisha. First, let me just say that this fan fiction above, and the next one, were based upon source material provided by the Tome Unlocks, which gives a vague account of how they ended up there. I just expanded upon these vague description to give them more of a story. The third one, however, I do not have a tome unlock for, and had to just think of something, so, sorry if I got something wrong! Now, this lair is located in the Plain of Bone, on the Blighted Isle. To open it, you must find the 3 runes of control, hit them all, and run back to the door with your party, before the door closes. Within the Lair, you will find Lady Alisha. It took us quite a few people to down her, but we eventually did…and that was the start of our crusade. At the end of the post are some pictures, and a video ((albeit, low quality…X-fire video sucks)).

 Yea don’t forget to mention it took us a while to even get to her, for one it took us a while to get our two groups outside her lair, luckily it let us keep activating the runes, even though the thing we read told us it reset every 30 minutes after the 10 minute timer on the door ran up. Anyway, the first attempt we just got pwned, after that it went well, although Mirage didn’t show up until later because our tank pulled early, though I distinctly remember all capsed “Don’t pull yet!” being spammed in warband. Oh well!



Here follows the last account of Renatta Betz, leader of Renatta’s Highwaymen:


The cold wind stung at Renatta’s face, and her men groaned in discomfort. “Silence, you filthy, worthless dogs. You can whine to all the Gods for food, drink and fire all you want, but you will not be given any of them unless I permit it! We came here for treasure, and we will find it.” Her men nodded, mumbling to each other.  None of them would dare argue with the Bandit Queen herself. They made for an old mining Fortress, in the dwarf lands of Ekrund. The fortress had fallen long ago, and they had decided that it would be the easiest place to obtain gold and riches. Renatta led them through those godforsaken lands for days. They had stumbled through the cold, they had almost starved, barely finding food and warmth, but finally, the had found the fortress. Rushing inside at Rennata’s command, the cheered and screamed, lighting a fire inside the first hall. Once the fire was lit, the saw what they had stumbled upon. Under piles of dust were mounds of Dwarf gold and Jewels. Renatta had as much of it loaded up as possible for her bodyguards alone to carry. But it was foolish to think that all of that cheering would not draw any attention. The old doors that had creaked upon when they had entered were bashed aside, as a party of Greenskins stepped inside. The leader looked at the group of Bandits, and smiled, the rusting metal tipping his tusks shining the the fire slightly. He was a huge Black Orc, with eyes redder than blood. For a moment, there was silence, until the orc let out a WAAAAAGH! that shook the whole fortress. Orcs and Goblins alike charged forward, and the fighting began. Most of the bandits were easily cut down and bashed aside, a shower of blood painting the dusty floors. Renatta gathered her bodyguards to her, and with a King’s ransom in gold, charged past the Greenskin war party. They had made it out of the fortress, and began to retreat into the Dragonback Mountains. There they found an old cave, and stepping inside, they felt a cold, eerie sensation. Laying the sacks of treasure down the men rested, and Renatta watched the doorway. A howl was heard, and it sounded distant…until suddenly, Goblin Wolfriders charged in. They had no chance to fight back, as they were all torn apart. As the Goblins left, they sealed the doorway, rolling the large stone door back until it sealed shut, and would not open up because of some fel magic. They say the spirit of the Bandit Queen still lingers, guarding her treasure, and swearing revenge.


     This boss we actually did last, I was AFK for most of it, there was a good reason for it though. In order to open this you need one person from your party(meaning if you have more than one warband you need a person from each) staying near the lair to get this glowing dark aura around them. When an enemy player is killed while a person bears the aura, the door opens. I volunteered to be that person, and the Tier 1 ORvR was slow that night…lucky me. So, I watched my friend play xbox and had someone on another computer near mine watch for when the door opened. You might say that my experience leading up to this consisted of watching Niko Bellic crashing through windshields and shooting cops, then the door opened and the fight began, Mirage can fill you in on the search for the player we needed to kill.

Ugh, don’t even get me started. The first time, we almost got lucky and killed a Squig Herder, but ‘lo and behold, the guards make it first and slaughter him…so, most of the gang trooped off to Ekrund, and finally found someone to slaughter, which was followed by me screaming, “GET INSIDE!”




Here follows the last account of Kamilla, Vampiress Of Grimmenhagen:

Blood dripped from her fingers, but Kamilla did not care. She lifted the limp body of the Warrior Priest, and from his throat that was slashed open by Kamilla’s nails, drank his blood. Her ‘meal’ was interrupted though, by a shattering of her window, and she could hear the sounds of an angry mob, torches, pitchforks, and all. A Witch Hunter kicked through the door, and Kamilla screeched at him, taking a bullet in her arm. Taking the large hammer from her dead victim, she swung at at the fool Witch Hunter, who ducked. His hat was knocked completely off of his head, and he flew at the vampire, tackling her against a wall. A large plate fell from a shelf above, knocking the Witch Hunter on the head, which started to bleed profusely. Drinking some of his blood, she jumped through her rear window, running through the night.

The angry mob chased her for hours, beyond the borders of Nordland. They chased her into the lands of Norsca, infamous for all sorts of vile beasts, ready to slaughter the lot of them. They burned a path after the Vampire, who had swam far into the ocean, stumbling upon an island. Upon this island was a cave, and infront of the cave lay six stones. She stepped into the shadows, and as the angry mob approached, they saw that her tracks ended in the circle of stones. They began to argue amongst each other and kill each other, suspecting each to be possessed by the vampire. It was then that some dark force watched, and as the Vampire stepped back into the cave, the door sealed itself shut, and the stones that lay outside stayed, to reflect a lesson that those foolish humans should have learned that day, and all races must learn now; unite with your allies, or you shall die.


     Ah yes, the second one. This boss is found in Norsca, off the coast from the lagoon Battlefield Objective. Originally we hadn’t intended to down her, just do some ORvR because some of the objectives were up, but since we were near there we decided to, and doing the second lead into doing the third. I really enjoyed doing this boss because the entrance looked really cool, it was ringed by six stones, each with a symbol of a certain Warhammer race on them. Mirage was able to represent the Empire race for this encounter. Once we finally had everyone there and our races set up, there was a blue flash on each of them and the door rolled open, and we one shotted her.


That recounts the whole story of our epic quest, I’m pretty sure Mirage could put a better flavor on it than I could, in recounting information I think my writing style is pretty bland, haha. Unfortunately, Mirage’s brain is pretty fried from writing a lot of fan fiction on things besides his own character that he knows pretty well. So, he may add commentary on what I’ve recounted on the other two later, and he may not. I hope you enjoyed reading!

A quick side note…in the picture infront of the lair door, Manifest’s Witch Hunter, and another member of our group are missing, glitched behind the door on my screen…and I’m the only Warrior priest…oh, and bonus…if you notice the helmet in the screenshot from the Bandit Queen, look at the class, and you’ll see why I kept it…a ‘trophy’ of sorts.


Mirage signing off!


Order vs. Lady Alisha

Order vs. Kamilla


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