Razgore brought his choppa up just in time to block the bone crushing blow the boss delivered. He hadn’t planned to challenge his authority, but he didn’t take kindly to anybody talking down to him. Quickly bringing his shield up, Razgore slammed the boss in the face, knocking him backwards, and taking a step back as the boss reared up to his full height, about an inch taller than Razgore’s own seven-and-a-half-feet, and with a bellow, charged again. The boss again brought up his choppa in an easily counter able side swing, but as Razgore blocked it, he simultaneously swung his leg upward and his shield towards Razgore’s left. Razgore twisted slightly to the side and took the brunt of the kick in his side, while blocking the boss’ shield blow with his own shield. Then, Razgore swung back around quickly and got a grip on the boss’ lower jaw with his black mitten-mailed fist. Pearl white bone glistened in the sun, and specs of blood caught the rays in a million brief flashes of radiance as the boss’ jaw came free in a wrenching splash of gore, Razgore raised it above the boss’ head and slammed him on the skull with it. The boss dropped to his knees and Razgore swing his choppa down, splitting the boss halfway down the middle, and wrenched it free with a sucking sound. The other orks looked on stupidly, they knew not to interfere in bigger orks’ fights, and they didn’t know what to do now. Slowly, they realized that their boss was now dead, and that they were leaderless, then the biggest one stepped up and pointed at himself roughly “I’s da new boss, I’s da biggest!” he yelled. However, the “new boss’ ” term was short lived as his head was separated from his shoulder by Razgore’s bloddy choppa. “No, I’s da boss now, and don’t none of you gits forget it” Razgore growled in a cold voice. 


Hello all, I’m back….again!

     First let me give a little explanation for the title of this newest post, it is a bit odd, or a bit funny, depending on the viewer. I myself like the term, and I was sitting here thinking of a title when my brother, who was reading behind me, said I should call it what it is. I laughed at first because it was just a random meme I knew of, but as I thought about it I thought it could be quite befitting to some of what I wish to talk about, which is probably on your mind concerning the game of WAR if you’re reading this right now. Secondly I’d like to give an apology on behalf of Mirage and I, we’ve been busy, with school and homework, and leveling our new destruction, and such. We keep saying we’ll post one day but forget to, so I finally buckled down and did it. His should follow soon (or else).

   As a small, minor first thing, Mirage and I were talking about the Keen and Graev article on changing the loot inside the WAR game, with tokens systems or whatnot. While I hope Mythic does that, I also thought that it would be good if they increased the number of gold bags. Frequently I go into a keep siege with 50+ people, and only three gold bags drop, that’s the amount that only ever drops. So, I thought one day, why not have the bag number determined by a percentage of the amount of people there? Say, when 50 people are there, you have 5 bags drop, its still a small amount, so you don’t have everybody and their dog running around in good armor, but it also distributes it well in proportion to the amount of people, and provides people with more rewards for their accomplishments as a group.

    While on the subject of random minor first things, another thing that comes to mind in talking about improvements to the game is the grouping system. As I’m sure a lot of you know, when you go into scenarios there are a lot of people that solo, and when you charge keeps in RvR in a 24/24 war band, you don’t get much XP. I was thinking too about this, and thought that it might be neat if there was a bonus given for being in a group, a bonus to XP, RP, whatever. It would encourage people to group up, and make the game more social.

     Anyway, going away from my random musings, and onto the main subject of the post, the combo breaker. It took me a while to get home from school today because of a transportation deficiency, but the entire day I was looking forward to getting home to see just what Mythic had cooked up for us on the 29th of January, and my anticipation was not disappointed. My post is titled so because Mythic has, in effect, broken a combo of releasing expansion packs for a good sum of money with the same amount of content that Mythic is giving to us for free. So, in effect, Mythic is a combo breaker. I have to say that as I read about what was going on, I was really psyched. I love the idea of a zone that we fight over, with new lairs and dungeons and whatnot, and I’m looking forward to all the keep and class improvements they’re adding. On a side note, does anyone else really like the letters that Mark Jacobs leaves us as far as the state of the game? I come from WoW, and I know that seeing a blizzard rep. say anything on the forums was like getting a vision from God, at least for me, haha. So just seeing the time that Mark Jacobs takes to write all the players a letter giving us a heads up is a really cool thing for me. But, back to what I was saying. I am definately going to pick up a choppa when it comes out, I don’t know if I’ll play it a lot, but I have a cool idea in my head of Choppa + Save da runts + healing = ?. The result of which equation I’d really like to find out. Theres not too much else I can say concerning the new post, I simply like all of it and am looking forward to it, and I hope everyone else is as psyched as I am.

     As a last thing to say, I was playing on Razgore the other day, and I was doing dungeons and some RvR for the first time in a while. I had been going guildless for a while and was able to get into a guild that I’m really starting to enjoy. My friend and I were doing some SCs, and we accumulated more people until we got almost a full premade group going. I have to say that I enjoyed myself more than almost any other time playing WAR doing SCs with a group then, we actually won Serpents Passage! Which, if you play on Dark Crag, it happens once in a blue moon. And then later when I was doing some bastion stair for my lesser wards (which seem to constantly allude me) I was having a good time there too because I actually got a good PUG, though the glitch where you can’t get into the instance really sucks. So, the point of this small paragraph being if you’re tired of soloing a lot, if you were like me and were just kind of off on your own, try getting some people together and doing a premade or something, I find it to be a lot of fun and I think that anyone can.

Bye for now!



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