A Call to Arms and Fluffy Pillows.

As his halberd once again removed several High Elf heads from their shoulders, the horn call went out again, and the remainder of the Elven army began to retreat. Looking up the hill that he stood upon only a few moments earlier, he watched the wind blow his helmet down the hill, and it rolled to a stop at his feet. He gave a fiendish smile, turning to his allies. “We do not stop.” Was all Shayorin said, charging off after the Elven army. Talavar and the Disciple of Khaine looked at each other, and ran after him. The hilltop was still red with blood, and it stood as a beacon…a point of return…a place where an adventure started, and where it will end. The group chased their enemies for hours, until they finally reached the borders of Chrace. Here, the army dispersed into many different areas, as the Dark Elves fought for control of the Menhir stone, among other things. General Malagurn sat upon his Cold One in the middle of the camp, looking at the newcomers. Some people saw Shayorin and laughed, for news of his disgrace had spread fast. The General spoke to the trio, seemingly ignoring Shayorin. “So, you’ve driven the High Elf army back? You fools. It was easier without their interferance, but I suppose after decimating most of them, it was a good idea for them to retreat. They will not live long, those cowards. But now, I have a more important task for you. The Menhir stone is being guarded by a large group of the Shining Guard, and the Dreadblight Convent is pushing me to press the attack and crush them. I think that you should lead the attack, Talavar. You, the Disciple, and…is that your slave?”

Shayorin leapt the the General, knocking him from his mount, and began bashing his gauntlet covered fist into the General’s face. Nobody called him a slave, nobody. It took Talavar and four others to finally pull Shayorin off of Malagurn, who spat blood out onto the ground and growled at Talavar, “Keep that thing on a leash!” The Disciple of Khaine, who had been standing there quietly, had one of her blades pressed against the General’s throat in about a second. “Silence, or your throat will  hang from my belt as a trophy, until I present it to your master, Lord Uthorin, and bring humiliation to your memory.”




Well, hopefully our two valiant readers ((if we even had that many)) are still holding on to crazy notions of watching posts ramp up again. Well, I’ve had some other ventures, as in, I’ve been playing alot of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, and for a few weeks I was majorly sick, and then injured my arm, and was sitting with a sling for a good bit. But now, hopefully we can remedy these horrible events. Alot has happened since I last posted, so I have quite a bit I wanna say. First up, I’m sure all of you have been having some fun during the Night of Murder event. Usually, an event will come around, and my subscription will have ended. Thanks to the generous contribution of my co-blogger ((I owe you)), I’ve been able to dabble in the event as well. Though I have no hope of finishing all the tasks, I am almost to the third node of influence, for the Gem of Fell Whispers, which there are many variants of it seems. You also probably are aware of the Call to Arms Live Expansion, and we’ll brush over its contents as they are released ((if my subscription doesn’t run out again right as something happens)). Plus, every other blog probably whipped the subject to death, though I do have plans to construct a post about some things I’d like of the Lands of the Dead. So now that the mumbo jumbo is out of the way, time to get to my random topic!

So, one of the features of WAR that was eventually scrapped, though I believe promised to return, is character morphing, at least I guess you could call it that. For example, if you were an orc character, you would get bigger and bulkier as you leveled up. I wanted to take some time to go over, if they bring this back, a few points on it. It may be a bit of fluff, but it can be used to tell alot about a person. So, for this example, we’re going to use the Black Orc. So, little Mr. Level 1 Black Orc is a runt. Most of the other orcs tower over him, made fun of him in Waaagh School and whatnot. So, eventually Mr. Level 1 Orc is Level 10, and there is an increase in his size, that was gradual, yet, obvious. He’s taller, bulkier, his arms are bigger…but his renown rank is still 0, for some odd reason. Then, Mr. I have 10 renown rank and am level 10 walks up, and though he’s the same size, His tusks seem to be bigger, and his muscles seem to be more well defined, because of how battle hardened he is in RvR. Hell, maybe there’s even specks of blood on his hands and tusks from tearing his enemies limb from limb. So, Mr. Level 10 Orc is, at a glance, less developed in a certain area. But, let’s say that he has more tome unlocks that the other Orc. So, that makes him stand a bit taller, so when he stands next to his counterpart, who is muscular, bloodied, and very tusky, he’s still shorter than this explorer type of person who unlocks many things.


Then, let’s say someone walks up, another Black Orc, and for the sake of this discussion, let us say this is the Black Orc section of the Waaagh, since Grumlok wanted it organized. This Orc is rank 10, his renown rank is 10, and he has a bunch of tome unlocks. You just combine all the attributes together, and you get a tall, burly, fierce looking orc. With one look, you know what kinds of things this orc has accomplished. If you get to Tier 4, and you’re being charged at by this sorta runty looking orc, but then you see some orc almost as big as Grumlok charging at you, you know who to be scared of.


Now, this could be a natural progression thing, or, as you reach certain increments ((Every few ranks, every few renown ranks, at some tome unlock milestones)), you can go to some NPC and choose how you want your morph to work. Maybe you’ve got a high renown rank, but instead of burlier muscles, and bigger tusks, you could get huge scars across your body. As long as each type of feature is obviously related to a certain type of progression, that you can notice from a glance, the system could work, and it would make your character more unique. This could obviously be used for every race, and maybe even differentiated for each class. Something to put for another post eh? Breakdown of Character Morphing For Every Race/Class. But, I know this isn’t an increasinly long post, but, I’ve got WAR to play, people to murder, and some ramen noodles to eat.


Look forward to more frequent posting, our two valiant readers!




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  1. I’m still here, I still care 😀
    This morphing thing is a great idea. Although, while reading the article, I imagined some bizarre things.. like an Orc with many tome unlocks, who would look smart 😯
    I can’t imagine the morphing of a Witch Elf either. I mean, would her boobs get bigger over time? 🙄

  2. Woo! We have a faithful reader. You’re gonna make me cry from joy, Dont. But, yeah, an Orc that looks smart…I would say he’d just be ‘experienced’ he’s seen alot! As for Witch Elves…tis a possibility, but I bet Mythic could think of SOMETHING. They’re awesome like that.

  3. I suppose I’m viewer 2 then. 🙂

  4. I suppose you are, and that makes you awesome.

  5. I’m with you on missing the morph aspect of the game. It was one of the things I really looked forward to when I first heard about this game. Chosen with crazy mutations squirming out of their armor. Massive black orcs running down the field, belowing at the top of their lungs. Dwarves with crazy beards embedding axes into the skulls of their nearest enemy. And Humans, scarred, and rugged, with insane amounts of adornment on their armor, proclaiming victories of battles past for all to see.

    Yeah, I miss it too.

  6. You know, I’m hoping that in the next post, or in some filler post, I can stick out a request to y’all for your morphing ideas, and we can see what the playerbase thinks. it is quite doubtful that Mythic will ever see it, but you never know. If any of you have morphing ideas, hit me up at miragellewyn@gmail.com.

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