The favorites!

So, cruising over to Blame the Healer yielded something interesting: A list of favorites in WAR to fill out, and I guess I’ll take the challenge, though my knowledge is limited at Rank 22…

  • Favorite Zone – My favorite zone so far…has to be Mount Bloodhorn. Yes, a starting area, but I had the most fun while playing a Greenskin, and this area is hilariously awesome. From being launched on top of a stunty building, to kicking barrels full of stunties into the water below, this zone is full of that odd, wonky, Greenskin humour.

  • Favorite Race – It’s really a tie between the Greenskins and the Dark Elves. Greenskins are funny, but brutish, and when the want to get into some fighting, they do it splendidly. I like the Dark Elves because of their society, and ways of life. I mean, come on. At all moments they’re using each other, planning each other’s demise, and orchestrating some master plan, only to be struck down because once they accomplish their goal, they realize that they were spurred on by another because their goal would help further that of the person who just stuck a blade through their gut.

  • Favorite Career – DoK/WP are my favorite, just because of how I can play them. I mean, they have alot of survivability. I can run into a group of baddies, and just bash away, while keeping me and two other group members up. Razgore and I, using a DoK/Sorc/Marauder team can take down huge mobs of enemies. 

  • Favorite WAR Feature – Keep Sieges are definitely my favorite. It gives me a form of adrenaline rush that it’s hard for me to find in any other MMO.

  • Favorite Skill – Well, I’m not too far up in my skills, but Rend Soul is my favorite for the DoK.

  • Favorite Scenario – Tor Anroc. A fight in a volcano, where at any moment you could be knocked out into the lava and be gone for good? Yes. 

  • Favorite Live Event – I’ve only participated in one so far, since my sub always runs out around them, but I’ve enjoyed my experience with the Night of Murder. A holiday about killing is freaking awesome.
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