The Favorites! V2.0

Hey its Razgore, just came to drop a post in about my personal favorites, so here they are!

  • Favorite Zone – I’d have to say my favorite zone is Kadrin Valley. It wasn’t where I finshed up my leveling, sadly, but the dwarven architecture there, especially the slayer keep, and the big battles that often go on there just add a really nice feel for the place that I enjoy. From the little paths lined with trees leading from place to place that people can ambush you on the sides from, to under ground tunnels in the mountain, its really well put together.

  • Favorite Race – Easily greenskins, you can’t beat the “run in there and hit whatever it is until it dies” mentality that is the core of the greenskin fighting style. Besides that, they have funny logic, and their social structure makes me laugh. 
  • Favorite Career – Can’t say yet, I’ll have to try the choppa and post an update.
  • Favorite WAR Feature – Keep/Fortress sieges so far, it would be fortresses all the way if I didn’t lag sometimes in them, it gets kind of annoying, but its still really cool, especially with the new updates improving loot. I like the strategy that goes into defending/attacking these keeps, more so on the defensive side (Which is why it would be cool if there were alternate ways in (WTB Orcapult!)).
  • Favorite Skill – At the moment…it would have to be “Where you goin’?” I love my snares.  
  • Favorite Scenario – Tor Anroc. Easily. Love pushing/getting pushed into lava. Fun stuff. 
  • Favorite Live Event – I really enjoyed the Night of Murder event out of the two that I’ve done, I found the rewards to be cool and the marked for death mechanic brought a different kind of twist to PvP.
  • Hope you enjoyed!



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