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     A bigger orc looked up at Razgore, “Wot does we do now, boss?” he said quietly. “We get our own boyz, an we do our own waaagh! All dese fights is not gud enuf, an’ I tink I can do betta den dat git Grumlok, an’ even if I can’t I’s gonna ‘ave a gud figh’ doin’ it!”. With that, Razgore dropped his jaw with a booming WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! that echoed off the rugged mountains and cliffs nearby, shortly coupled with the other orcs adding their own warcrys into the mix, whether or not they agreed, or even understood. The fightin’ was good, or they were too small, and that was good enough for them.


     Before I start, I’d just like to quickly apologize if you were disappointed at the lack of a large fan fic, I wasn’t going to post about anything big so I didn’t put in a huge fan fic to supplement it.

     So, first things first, as I’m sure you could guess from the title this post is a brief little recap on the new things that Mythic has put up that I’ve participated in a little bit. The forums and the choppa. First up, the choppa. I didn’t play him very much, I basically made him and walked in, killed a few dwarves, did an all choppa vs all slayer scenario, which ended in us winning because we had 1 zealot, and then shelved him. I did play him a little bit later, but I just mainly wanted to see the rage mechanic and how it worked. I really thought how the choppa physically grew when you go into the last part was really cool, and so was the red aura that you acquired. I’m very excited for these two new classes to come out because its what we need to break up the zergs that have been going on on the Dark Crag server forever, which will just keep things interesting. One thing I did notice though, and I don’t know if its supposed to be this way or not, but I almost felt like a tank. I could pull somewhere around 6 dwarves/squigs at one time and I could take them all out without reaching half HP. Not quite sure if that is normal it felt kind of OP to me, like AOE grinding on a paladin in WoW. Also, that first rage depletion skill that you get seemed somewhat anti-climactic. I was expecting a rather large hit because it was depleting all the rage I built up, and it basically hit the same as the others. This is just what I noticed from my limited experience, again, I just wanted to try out the mechanic, and overall I’m very impressed.

     Secondly, I was excited for this too, the WAR Forums. I don’t know if any of our viewers have ever been to the WoW forums, but, to me at least, whenever a GM actually posted on someones post it was time to go check outside for a blue moon.  Really, they hardly posted. So I was quite happy with what I saw from the WAR Forums. Not only do people have the chance to have access to threads where you post directly to the developers, but they actively reply! Even if it is to tell people to stop talking about the nerf on Da Toughest, at least they’re saying something! I thought this was a very interesting and innovative idea on Mythic’s part, as if they listen to their playerbase better than they already have been(they have the asset to now) the game can only keep getting better.

     So all in all, the forums are cool, check them out, I’ve only really been to the future features and tank categories but what I saw was very interesting, and I’m awaiting the slayer and choppa with high expectations, as I’m sure many people are too.




~ by man1f3s7 on February 22, 2009.

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  1. Just a side note, the Choppa is currently using the stats of a tank, instead of MDPS. It’s probably a bug and going to be fixed.

  2. Interesting, thanks.

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