Da stuntiez, humiez, and pointy earz iz betta den our tank boyz at da WAAAGH?

     Dis wuz a gud scrap Razgore thought as he surveyed the smoldering ruins of what had been a Bloody Sun Boyz encampment in Kadrin Valley. After taking dominance of the small warband he had once served with, Razgore had made hard, brutal strikes across Kadrin Valley, working his way through small skirmishes or full on battles, sometimes beating them into submission, and sometimes carving a bloody path through the ranks of the Bloody Sun Boyz orcs until none were left, or they ran away. The constant fighting had caused him to grow even bigger, and he now towered over all of the orcs he came across, which only added to his intimidating ability to win others over to his side. With the orc garrison in Kadrin cut in half he had assaulted the encampment at night with a force two hundred strong. It had been easy, Razgore had used his massive bulk to smash through the heavy wooden door, quickly cutting the two guards behind it in half, and issueing a resounding WAAAAAAAAAGH! that set the camp on alarm. Even with the camp being able to set up a defence, it hadn’t lasted a second. Razgore was somehow…more, his presence inspired fear, his bloodlust entirely consumed him. Somehow, in that battle with the other orc leader, something had snapped, he had changed. He still retained what tactics he knew in battle, but resorted to more primal combat, often times crushing the life out of orcs with his bare hands and sometimes simply ripping their head from their shoulders. So, Razgore stood atop a small mound of corpses and orc mess on top of them, surveying the burning ruin he had created. A timid goblin softly approached Razgore, shaking “Boss…I’z got a message for youse…don ‘et me” he said. Razgore inclined his head towards him to show he was listening. The goblin said his last words at almost a whisper “Grumlok…’e says e’s comin…” and Razgore stepped on him.


     Hello readers, Razgore here again. I apologize profusely for the long absence, again. If you ever get tired of hearing me say sorry let me know, I’m working on making consistant posts, but I also don’t like to hog the space, so I wait a lot for Mirage to get his posts in too. Don’t worry I keep bugging him.

     So I’ve been doing a lot of forum lurking, a little bit of posting, and I’ve been trying to participate in some of the logging that Mythic has been wanting to prove some skills worthy of a buff and such. Before I go on, if anybody knows how to use the game combat log to record data, could you let me know? So far all I’ve been able to use is an addon that runs it but I have no way of exporting it other than to tediously minimize and maximize my WAR window, recording data.

     Anyway, so in my lurking I noticed a large discussion about tanks, their DPS, and their function in the game, and I wanted to offer a small epiphany I had concerning this subject. I was running through RvR, and I was thinking about this dilemma because it bothered me that there was a confusion between the playerbase and the developers as to the function of tanks in PvP. I started thinking about the description of the black orc in the class description and thats when I thought of my idea. The current mechanics for most tanks are fine as far as tanks meant for auras, tanks meant for survivability, etc. On a side note, this leads back to a post I read on the forums saying that tanks should really have no DPS whatsoever, which I agree with because tanks have mega survivability, its what they do, and beyond fairly decent DPS in DPS spec there really shouldn’t be a whole lot. Anyway, so what I thought should happen, is they should pretty well take all the tanks, or at least the Black Orc since that was the tank I was really focusing on (Don’t forget his counter part), and instead of really any sort of huge damage, make a lot of disrupts and such, you could even go as far as to take some from other classes to compensate the amount that the tank will have. So the tank won’t deal a lot of damage, but he will be able to crowd control a lot.

     Now, before I get called a noob, sorry if I seem like one so far, let me explain my reasoning. Really the functionality of a tank is to take damage, and most often a tank can achieve his best level of survivability using his good ol’ sword and board. Unfortunately to have good DPS with that would be pretty overpowered, so I was thinking as to how you can still make tanks useful, while still letting them use sword and board, because currently they have to go DPS spec to do any real good in RvR, and are often ignored when they attack anybody. I figured they could take the DPS away since really tanks shouldn’t have anything to speak of anyway, but make up for it with how well they can disrupt/CC/knockback people, since thats what a tank should be doing anyway, in theory. In smaller words, the melee DPS can help by doing melee DPS, the ranged by doing ranged DPS, the healers by healing, and the tank, where before there was a blurred functionality, they can control a lot of what goes on in the front lines by controlling people, to an extent.

     Anyway, that was all I had to say, sorry if it was inarticulately worded, and if I rambled, I tried to address it as well as I could. Let me know what you think, and sorry again if its been suggested and shot down and I just look like a noob.




~ by man1f3s7 on March 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Da stuntiez, humiez, and pointy earz iz betta den our tank boyz at da WAAAGH?”

  1. If you’d want the tanks to shine with CC, then you’d have to take CC away from other careers first. And that’s when everybody would rage :/

  2. I don’t agree that tanks should be just tanks.. that’s a too narrow role description. If someone wants to play a black orc with a two handed weapon..it’s his/her choice and that’s ok. The game should support those wishes to some extent. It’s the same situation with dps specced healers.

    Is it reasonable to play a tank who’s specced on dps? Most likely not. My Rune Priest ignores them.. my Witch Hunter has some more probs.

    The idea of a more CC oriented tank role is nice, but I don’t think that it’s practicable, because of the current state of CC flying around. As Dont said it.. you would have to take away or at least lessen the CC from other careers and this would change the whole fighting mechanics… and would cause much arguing 😉

  3. Oh, I agree with the DPS thing, if they want to go 2h they should have a reasonable amount of DPS, not to match a real melee DPS because they have more survivability, but enough to do something, at least.

    I hear what you’re saying about the CC, it was just an idea that I had, though, to perhaps fix some of the problems that people have been having with tanks, I don’t mean take away all of their CC, obviously, because casters need it to stop people from getting to them, and melee need it to slow people down. I just mean the main stuff, disorients, etc. It would provide a more specialized role for tanks and allow them to go S&B no problem. I see what you’re saying though, I just thought the idea I had was interesting 😛

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